Universal Life Insurance Quotes

Our quick and simple free universal life insurance quoting process allows us to find and compare products from some of America’s top life insurance companies, providing you the most competitive rates from leading providers. Take the first step toward helping to secure your family’s future and get a quote today.

How Universal Life Insurance Works

Universal life insurance means coverage for your entire life, for as long as you continue to make the required premium payments, to help protect your family. Universal life insurance rates are fairly flexible – you’ll have a minimum premium payment, but you can always pay more. When you make payments into your account, that money accumulates tax-deferred interest and may be available for you to withdraw or borrow if you need it.*

Typical Uses:

  • Cover your family’s expenses by making up for lost income
  • Access the cash value of your account for emergencies, unforeseen expenses or times when you just need extra money*
  • End-of-life expenses such as funeral costs or medical bills

*Policy loans incur interest charges and withdrawals are subject to surrender charges during the surrender charge period. Also policy loans or withdrawals will reduce the death benefit.

Universal & General Life Insurance Quotes Made Simple

Universal & General Life Insurance Quotes Made Simple

At The Millay Group, Inc., our agents are here to help you make the right decision by offering clear, concise guidance. We pride ourselves on finding the most affordable universal life insurance rates possible with the carriers that we represent. We want to present as many options as possible, based on your individual needs, and let you pick the policy that works best for you.

Buying insurance is a big commitment. We want you to move forward through life with no regrets about your purchase. Our agents will never pressure you to make a quick decision or move in a direction you don’t want to go. Take the first step toward helping to secure your family’s financial security by getting a universal life insurance quote today.