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Term Life Insurance In A Nutshell

Term life insurance provides guaranteed protection for a set time frame. In the event of your passing, a term policy can help replace your family’s lost income and assist them to maintain their standard of living.

Benefits of Term Life:

  • Flexibility - you pick the length of the term and payout, which gives you control of your premiums
  • Short-term security - your family can still pay their immediate bills and help maintain their standard of living
  • Long-term security - help your family continue to make mortgage payments or save for college

About Our Company

Our founder, Mike Millay, has been helping individuals and families find competitively priced life insurance policies since 1981. We’re a family owned business with our headquarters located in Blue Springs, Missouri.

The Millay Group, Inc. is Committed To:

  • Helping you meet your financial goals, now and in the future
  • Providing quotes from multiple carriers
  • Delivering professional and friendly customer service throughout the entire process